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The areas and the main symptoms of autism are:

Social Communication and Interaction:

-Difficulties in the development of non-special communication (eye contact, facial expression and body posture)
Failure to make friends with their peers
- Indifference to sharing with other people
lack of empathy (individuals with autism may have trouble understanding other people's sadness and pain)

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication:

- Lack of speech or difficulty in speaking (approximately 40% of individuals with autism do not have speech.)
Difficulties in starting a conversation (as well as difficulties in maintaining a conversation)
Repetitive and stereotypical way of speaking (they can repeat a word or sentence they have heard before / ekolalia.)
-Difficulty understanding the opposite of someone's perspective (eg someone with autism may not understand that someone is doing humor. They may fail to read the communication literally and understand what is implied.)

Limited interest in games or activities:

-Unusual focus on tracks (young children with autism often focus excessively on parts of a toy, for example, they may prefer to play only with their wheels, rather than playing with the whole car)
- Over-concentration on certain issues: (eg older children or adults may be affected by video games and car license plates.)
- The need for sameness and routine: (eg: a child with autism may want to eat bread before the salad each time and insist on using the same way when going to school.)
• Stereotypical behavior (such as shaking the body and clapping hands.)

How is the definitive diagnosis of autism made?

Psychiatrists and neurologists do the official diagnosis of autism. The diagnosis is made with DSM-5 criteria, information about the history of the child taken from the family and observing the child. Although there is no standardized diagnostic test for autism, there are several development scales and checklists to apply.

What treatment methods are used for autism?

Scientific research shows that early intervention improves communication and social skills in young children with autism. Although the results of early intervention are different, every child benefits from this.
It is important that this program is intense, focuses on the main problem areas of intervention (social skills, speech and communication, imitation, daily life and motor skills), family involvement in this program (activities and studies to be done at home), and speech and sensory therapy are added.

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