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Symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome ?

Cases of Asperger's syndrome can usually be detected between the ages of 4-11.
Asperger syndrome may be accompanied by some psychiatric problems, such as attention deficit and hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, destructive behavioral disorders, or other mood disorders.

Here are the symptoms of Asperger's syndrome

-Lack of social awareness
-Lack of interest in socializing / making friends
-Difficulty in establishing and maintaining friendships
-Not understanding others' thoughts and feelings (not empathizing)
-Avoiding eye contact or looking very carefully

-Facial expressions and lack of facial expressions or use of exaggerated facial expressions
-Inability to understand body language
-Failure to comply with interpersonal limits; lack of perception of privacy
-Excessive sensitivity to sounds, touch, odors, flavors or visual stimuli
-Excessive dependence on rituals or routine

-Repetitive motor behavior, such as clapping hands or waving arms
-Motor movements to be clumsy or coordinated
-Obsessive interest in just a few topics such as dinosaurs or vacuum cleaners
-Difficulty in understanding a thin language such as irony or mockery
-Difficulty adjusting the tone (for example, suddenly low or slow talking when speaking loudly or very quickly)
-Irregular speech or directing speech to his own interests; being unable to focus on what the other party is talking about

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