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Think hard and try to get as many questions correct as you can. See what kind of intelligence quotient you end up with while remembering that the results of the kind of tests aren’t 100% accurate. Have fun and enjoy this fun online quiz.


Which intelligence test is used for what purpose?

1- Wisc-r Intelligence Test:

It is a test that measures children's cognitive skills such as understanding, understanding and practicing what they learn. The Wisc-r intelligence scale, which is suitable for children aged 6-16, includes intelligence test questions in the following two main categories.
-Performance intelligence questions
-Verbal intelligence questions

2-Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test:

It is a test that can be used to identify both gifted children and children with mental disabilities. It is applied to children between the ages of 2-16. Developed by Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon. Measurements are made in 4 different areas.These;
-Short Term Memory
-Visual perception
-Verbal Perception
-Quantitative Judgment

3- Leiter Intelligence Test :

The leiter intelligence scale, which is a kind of performance test, is suitable for individuals between the ages of 2-18. It measures mental areas such as visual skills, perception and attention.
-Comprehension skill
-Selecting the Different

4-Kohs Cubes Intelligence Test

It consists of 17 cards and patterned cubes. It must be done within a certain time. It is applied to children over 10 years old. It is applied individually. The practitioner tries to create the given shapes o n the cubes.

5-Good Enough-Harris Human Drawing Test

Instruction: “I want you to draw a human picture on this paper. Let it be as beautiful as you can, draw everything. ” It shaped.

6-Porteus Maze Test:

It is a test developed by S.D.Porteus. It is used to determine general capability. It consists of 12 labyrinths. There is no need to do it in a limited time. It is used as an individual intelligence test. It is applied to individuals between the ages of 7-14. It is an individual test and applied to a person in a session. The aim is for the child to find the exit from the maze.

7-CAS Test - Cognitive Assessment System:

The CAS Test is a mental and aptitude test that evaluates 5-17 age group children mentally. It is used in cases such as assessment of children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, assessment of those with learning disabilities, assessment of those with intellectual disabilities, assessment of those with traumatic brain injury, assessment of those with serious emotional disorders, assessment of gifted .

8-Denver Developmental Screening Test:

It is a test applied to children between the ages of 0-6. This test is widely used in neurology, psychiatry and psychology. Denver Development Screening Test provides information on 4 main areas.
-Personal-Social: communicating with people, meeting their individual needs
-Fine motor-adaptive: hand-eye coordination, using objects, problem solving.
-Language: hearing, understanding, using language.
-Rough motor: sitting, walking, jumping and coordination in general

9-MOXO Attention Performance Test:

Moxo Attention Test is applied by Specialist Physicians and Psychologists. vMoxo Attention Test is an online test that measures the performance of Attention, Timing, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity, is applied by experts and does not contain opinion and emotion.
MOXO Child Test: It is designed for children between the ages of 6-12 and is used for specialists in ADHD diagnosis and patient observation processes. The MOXO Children's Test is a 15-minute test with various age-related stimuli and distractors.
MOXO Young & Adult Test: It covers the age range of 13-65. It is a test that helps experts evaluate the patient's attention profile in ADHD diagnosis and patient observation processes. MOXO Young & Adult ADHD Test models the environmental conditions that the individual encounters in daily life with its unique distracting system. It is an 18-minute online test with appropriate stimuli and distractors.

10-Intelligence Test for 4 -5 Years Old Children

Intelligence test varies according to ages in terms of both content and application methods. The tests that provide the healthiest data on the mental development of children aged 4 are as follows.
Wisc-r Intelligence Test
Stanford Binet Intelligence Test
Denver Developmental Screening Test
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