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Think hard and try to get as many questions correct as you can. See what kind of intelligence quotient you end up with while remembering that the results of the kind of tests aren’t 100% accurate. Have fun and enjoy this fun online quiz.


How is the development of intelligence by age chart ?

It is a constantly evolving structure with the intelligence learning process. In the development process, we see a different side of intelligence at all ages. Here we will tell you about intelligence development by age.
6th month: He tries to reach and see what he sees.
9th month: Understands that the object is continuous, that a hidden object does not disappear, that it can reappear, and starts to search for and find the hidden object.

1 year old: For the first time, behaviors that show all intelligence are seen. It changes the behavior patterns that it has done before. It tries to recognize and understand the outside world through trial and error.
18 months: The first signs of thinking appear. As of this month, not only does it learn through trial and error, it also starts building relationships between objects.
2 Age: Understands the relationship between word and object. He thinks that every moving object is alive. Concepts begin to develop from the end of 2 years of age.
2-4 Years: Uses objects as symbols of other things. He talks with his baby as if he is alive and tries to feed him. It mentally concentrates on itself, unable to understand the viewpoints of others.
4-7 Ages: Concepts are mostly tangible. They have difficulty in making mental comparisons.

7-11 Age: Concepts such as logical thinking, number, time, size and volume begin to settle. Abstract thought is not fully established yet. They find it difficult to grasp the meanings, hence the proverbs and idioms.
11 Age: Logical thinking reaches adult style.

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