Kids IQ Test  

Think hard and try to get as many questions correct as you can. See what kind of intelligence quotient you end up with while remembering that the results of the kind of tests aren’t 100% accurate. Have fun and enjoy this fun online quiz.


Can we improve intelligence ?

As life and learning continue, intelligence develops. Intelligence is the brain's ability to learn, take advantage of learned knowledge, adapt to new situations, and find new solutions.
According to some psychologists, intelligence is “Learning ability”. Broadly speaking, an individual's intelligence is about the breadth of learning ability. A person who learns a lot is smarter than a lesser learner. For example; such as reading, writing or language use...

Is intelligence something that can improve?

There are elements that affect the development of intelligence. We can count them as follows.
-If there is a chance to reach the resources
-Depending on geographical and living conditions
-If familial factors allow
-If vital factors are appropriate

What are the Factors That Develop Intelligence ?


-Music and Reading
-Intelligence games

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